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We, STAR HEALTHCARE are manufacturing different types of Pharmaceuticals , Nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic and Herbal cosmetics, which are highly effective ,natural and safe. Developed according to the latest market needs, we emphasize most on the selection of the right type of raw materials to develop quality products. Our products are broadly categorized into:

Healthcare Products :-

1. Redback-XT Tablets
2. Redback-XT Total Tablets
3. Calostar -CT Tablets
4. Calostar -K2 Tablets
5. Oxytake Capsules
6 Oxytake Syrup
7. Lcostar -GT Capsules

8. Immustar Tablets
9. Methystar Forte capsules
10.Vitoneed -GM Capsules
11.Vitoneed Powder
12.Vitoneed Mom Powder
13. Bvito Mom Powder

Ayurvedic Products :-

1. Growstar Capsules
2. Growstar -H Syrup
3. Bodychamp Capsules
4. Redu On Capsules
5. Honistar Syrup
6. Livtaj Syrup